I’m always sat in a timely manner, waiters are consistent and orders taken quickly. I’ve never had to necessarily flag anyone down since the waiters all assist when needed.
Food is also delivered quickly and good. I don’t think I’ve ever had to complain about food taken too long or being nasty, so that’s a pro.
Only wish they had Bahn Mi’s, lol, but other than that, usual good, heart warming food.


This is the best Pho in the city. and randomly the best crab rangoons! always so delicious, fresh, and fast. the broth has so much depth, and the Pho always has PLENTY of noodles. we always get a Boba shake to cool off the spice! i Luv Cece!


When I want pho in atl, this seems to be my go to spot. The pho broth is usually really good and they don’t skimp on the amount of meat they give, not to mention that the meat is always tender. Just ask for the fatty broth on the side to add to your bowl and it’s almost perfection. Not the best pho I’ve ever had, but for a restaurant, this isn’t a place you should sleep on.



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